Reports: Regime Burning Bodies of Protestors, Including Those Still Alive, in Crematorium, Hear Audio Here.

China Still Paralyzing UN Security Council

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The military is now utilizing violence against monks and other non-violent protestors. They have beaten and arrested hundreds of people, and it is reported that more than a hundred have been killed. We are tired of the international communities just making statements - they must ACT. Show your support and outrage - Take Action Now

Jim Carrey Call to Action : UN Must Act

Appeals viewers to email Ban Ki Moon to coordinate response from UN Security Council

To send a letter to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon urging him to take the lead on pushing for UN Security Council action on Burma- Click Here Now!

"Enough is enough."

Celebrities Join the US Campaign for Burma to Call for Action on Burma at the UN Security Council

Eric Szmanda (Greg Sanders on CBS' Emmy-winning "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation) and Walter Koenig (Pavel Chekov in the "Star Trek" TV series and films) recently visited the Thailand-Burma border with Jeremy Woodrum, US Campaign for Burma Campaigns Director.

Walter Koenig (Star Trek's "Pavel Chekov") at the Mae Tao Clinic on the Thailand-Burma border

Meeting refugees and valiant aid workers trying to help the people of Burma, they expressed shock over the extensive nature of the atrocities, as well their lack of previous knowledge. Both are eager to get more people in involved in the fight. "One and a half million people have been forced from their homes, women are systematically raped, men and children have been forced into slave labor. It's time to say 'enough is enough'," said Szmanda.

We are a grassroots group of American and Burmese
people working to promote human rights, freedom and
democracy in the Southeast Asian country of Burma.

Each and every human on this planet can do something to support Burma's struggle. Please contact us today to get started right away.


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